Central Lutheran Church welcomes guest speaker,
Nadia Bolz-Weber

October 14, 6:30 pm   Youth Presentation (*please RSVP, see below)

October 15, 7:00 pm  speaking at WSU Somsen Auditorium, “Accidental Saints: Finding God in all the Wrong People”


Nadia Bolz-WeberNadia brings a vital message that bridges the fear and hostility separating communities.  Her presentations include and represent the people with whom she works, people on the margins.  She will explore the tangled journey of growing up and finding one’s unique place in the world, the changing nature of the church and the role the church might play in the future, and finding the good in what seems to be all the wrong places and people.

Nadia is the founding pastor of House for All Saints and Sinners in Denver, CO.  Nobody really believes she is an ordained ELCA pastor.  Maybe it’s because of the sleeve tattoos or the fact that she swears like a truck driver.  Either way… she’s fine with it.  She lives in Denver with her family of 4 and can be found writing bios in the third person, lifting weights and walking her Great Dane, Zacchaeus.

*RSVP for the Youth Presentation at [email protected]

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