COVID-19 Policy

Throughout the COVID pandemic, Central has endeavored to follow CDC and MDH guidelines.   Currently the CDC has a color coded system for informing people of the infection rates within a county.  The following is a basic understanding of their coding system.

  • Counties in ‘green’ are low rates of transmission with no restrictions or masking suggestions
  • Counties in ‘yellow’ are in a moderate transmission rate. Here people with underlying conditions are encourage to take precautions like wearing masks to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Counties in ‘red’ are in a high transmission rate and people are encouraged to wear a mask in doors to help reduce transmission.

As of June 15, 2022, Winona County is coded as ‘red.’  While Central does not require masking, at this time, members are encouraged to mask or not according to your individual or family circumstances.

Thank you for your support as the pandemic continues as we seek ways to be care for your needs and the needs of others in the community.