Updated Mask Policy – March 20, 2022

Starting Sunday March 20, 2022, Central Lutheran Church will make mask wearing optional within the building. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Central has worked to follow CDC guidelines regarding wearing of masks.  The result has been for the last 2 plus years we have required the staff, members and all persons to wear a mask inside the building.

The CDC guidelines have changed with a color code system of Red / Yellow / Green for each county depending on the infection and hospitalization rate.  A county in Red people are required to wear a mask inside buildings.  A Yellow county, it is suggested for those with health conditions consider wearing a mask in doors.  A Green county, all requirements are lifted.

Currently Winona County is coded Yellow.  As a result, Central has lifted its mask mandate.  Staff, members and guests are free to make a choice to wear a mask or not.   Should Winona County return to being coded Red, then a mask mandate will be reinstated inside the building until the county returns to a status of yellow or green.

With this change, Central asks everyone to remember to:

  1. Respect those persons who chose to wear a mask. To consider putting on a mask when in close proximity to those persons.
  2. Remain home if you our feeling unwell for any reason. That if you need to venture out, please wear a mask for your health and the health of others.

With the lifting of the mask mandate, we have begun looking at how to once again safely open the building during the work week.  Until the decision has been made you will still be asked to ring the doorbell to gain access.  Sunday mornings and meeting times outside of normal business hours the building will be opened for your convenience as you gather.  Our Childcare Center will be informing their families of the changes along with the process allowing them to again reenter the building.

Thank you for all of your support over these last 2 years to help keep our members, staff and childcare center safe.

CLC Council
CLC Staff
Pr. Michael