Modern Service, Sundays, 10:15 AM, starting November of 2021

The music at this service will be led by piano and guitar (additional musicians, if available). It will follow the customary outline of worship: Gathering, Word, Meal, Sending. However, it will contain fewer formalities. Worship leaders will not wear  vestments and we will use a contemporary liturgy. Music and liturgy will be scripturally based, have relevance to the readings and theme of the season/day, and will align with ELCA doctrine.

Contact: Aleah Harvey, Director of Worship, Music & Arts

150 Years Flowing

The people of Central Lutheran Church have been faithful to the Gospel and a cornerstone of the Winona community since 1871. September 26, 2021 marks 150 years and reason to celebrate! We have designed an event website specifically focused on keeping you informed of the various activities and event leading up to and after this monumental anniversary. It also includes photos collected, stories told, and a general history of Central. Click here to check it out!