AFA_G42“We are ‘Central’ to Winona, disciples of Jesus living a vibrant faith.”

Central Lutheran Church exists to make disciples: people who are passionate about following Jesus and living their faith each and every day.

Four Pillars underpin Central’s Vision & Mission:

  1. Welcoming All
  2. Engaging Worship
  3. Growing Faith
  4. Compassionate Service

To live into this vision, these four Ministry Teams are established for the purpose of living into God’s vision for this congregation:

Welcoming All

This ministry team builds authentic, supportive and enriching connections based on trust and respect.  This team communicates the Gospel within and beyond the congregation through the full range of media including on-line faith formation resources for use in congregation, home and community.  This team provides activities that deepens and strengthens faith through social and spiritual fellowship, and tends to the hospitality ministries of the congregation.

Engaging Worship

This ministry team offers worship as an act of hospitality that ushers disciples of varying lifestyles and ages into the presence of God.  This team cares for the worship life of the congregation providing opportunities for people of all ages to use their gifts in service to God and one another and engage in meaningful worship. This team sees to the development of the music and arts ministries of the congregation.

Growing Faith

This ministry team cultivates faith formation as a life-long process.  It cares for the faith formation and spiritual development of the congregation through all ages and stages of life, providing faith formation activities and resources for use in congregation, home and community.

Compassionate Service

This ministry team nurtures disciples who compassionately practice generosity with time, talent and treasure.  This team tends to the physical, social, emotional, and financial care of those within the congregation and reaches its hand of service into the community, both locally and globally.  This ministry team promotes Biblical stewardship by providing opportunities for growth in generosity and gratitude.