Adult Choir

Voices of all ranges and ages are welcome to sing with the Adult Choir. Rehearsals are held on Thursday from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Sanctuary. The choir sings about every two to three weeks alternating between the 8:30 and 10:30 services.

Sunrise Singers

The Sunrise Singers invite anyone who wishes to assist in leading the 8:30 traditional worship service. Music is unison (melody) and accompanied by organ.

The group gathers before worship at 8 am to warm up and review the hymns of the week.

Central Singers

The Central Singers invite anyone who wishes to assist in leading the 10:30 modern worship service. Music is often unison (melody) and accompanied by piano.

The group gathers before worship at 10 am to warm up and review the songs of the week.

Glorioso – Bells of Winona

Glorioso is a community Handbell Choir based at Central Lutheran Church. Anyone wishing to join the group is welcome to attend a rehearsal. The bells rehearse in the Sanctuary from 6 to 7 pm on Thursday.

Hendrickson Pipe Organ

Organ console

We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of this magnificent instrument in 2024!

Learn more about our year-long organ recital series!

The organ built for Central Lutheran Church by the Hendrickson Organ Company, St. Peter, Minnesota, was installed in 1994. It is that firm’s Opus 87 and one of their largest instruments ever.

The instrument’s 1,905 pipes are organized into 28 stops, 39 ranks across two manuals and pedal. A third manual acts as a coupling manual (Swell to Great).

The organ is housed in a case of red oak, stained to match the furniture of the church interior. All of the oak was grown in Minnesota and Wisconsin. After sawing, the oak was dried for three years in the Hendrickson warehouse and kiln. All of the sawing and milling was done in the shop.

The organ has tracker key action and electric stop action. A multi-level memory system allows the organist to select stop combinations with and ease and flexibility. A 3/4 horse-power blower supplies the air for the pipes through three regulators inside the case. A rectifier supplies 15 volts DC for operating the electrical equipment.

The organ is arranged in three main divisions. Directly above the keyboards are the shutters for the expressive Swell division which is played from the top manual keyboard. at the top-center of the case is the Great division which is played from the middle manual keyboard. At the sides are the two tall towers of the Pedal division which is played by the feet. These towers contain the largest pipes of the organ. The bottom manual keyboard is a coupling keyboard which plays the Swell and Great divisions together.

The 1,905 pipes of the organ are made from Tin, Lead, Zinc, Oak, Aluminum and Mahogany. These were made in St. Peter Minnesota; Zeist, Holland; Freiberg, German and Rapid City, South Dakota. The sound of the pipes was regulated and tuned in the church after voicing in the Hendrickson shop.

The organ is supported on a steel frame, welded and bolted together and then shimmed up level. The organ weighs about 7 tons.

The decorative pipe shades which fill the space above the pipes symbolize water in its various forms. Rain, to river, to baptism. The shades were designed by Charles Hendrickson and carved in the shop.

The organ was inaugurated November 12, 1994 in a recital by Ruth Tweeten, guest organist.

[col type=”lts-one-half”]

Great11 stops, 18 ranks, unenclosed

  • 16 Principal
  • 8 Octave
  • 8 Bourdon
  • 8 Dolce
  • 4 Octave
  • 2 2/3 Quint
  • 2 Blockflute
  • Mixture III-VI
  • Sesquialtera III
  • 16 Trumpet
  • 8 Horizontal Trumpet
  • 4 Horizontal Clarion


Swell9 stops, 13 ranks, enclosed and expressive

  • 8 Gedackt
  • 8 Gamba CD BG
  • 8 Celeste TC
  • 4 Spillflute
  • 2 Principal
  • 1 1/3 Quintflute
  • Scharff IV-V
  • 8 Trompette
  • 8 Cromorne


[/col][col type=”lts-one-half lts-col-last”]

Pedal8 stops, 8 ranks, all pipes unenclosed

  • 16 Prestant
  • 16 Gedackt
  • 10 2/3 Quint
  • 8 Octave
  • 4 Choral Bass
  • 2 Flute
  • 32 Fagott
  • 16 Posaune
  • 8 Horizontal Trumpet (Gt.)
  • 4 Horizontal Clarion (Gt.)

Pedal couplers: 
Great to Pedal 8′ 
Swell to Pedal 8′



Solid State Combination Action