Adventures and learning opportunities are a plenty for this age.   Children will continue building on their school readiness skills.  Our teachers emphasize decision making, independence, and more accountability by the children.  The children are much better able to interact, choose their own play area, accomplish a task, and pick up their areas before moving on to the next activity.  There are many learning centers and learning through creative play.  The Backyard Kid’s Club focuses on preparing children for their next chapter in their educational career – whether it’s Kindergarten or 3rd grade!

The educational methods used by the program will be developed and evaluated annually in writing by a Staff person qualified as a teacher.  Children will be supervised at all times.

We will provide a safe and healthy environment with caregivers that are warm, loving and responsive to children’s cues. A daily schedule of activities will be posted for parents.  The program will provide activities that are both quiet and active, teacher directed and child initiated.  Activities will be designed to promote the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of a child in a manner consistent with the child’s cultural background.

The Central Lutheran Church Childcare Program will provide daily access to interest areas that have equipment and materials that meet the child’s needs.  The interest areas are creative arts and crafts, construction, dramatic or practical life activities, science, music, fine motor activities, large muscle activities or sensory stimulation activities.  The Center will also provide a variety of activities that require the use of varied equipment and materials.  These materials will be available to parents for their review on request.


Summer Mission


Become a partner with Winona Area Humane Society.   Who do you play with in your backyard?  A favorite pet and you making memories!  We want to help our backyard friends and understand them better.  We will visit the 2 sites, set goals,  have fun children-initiated fundraisers and determine what kind of donation we want to bring back at the end of the summer to make a difference to our 4 footed friends.


Goals of the School Age Program


  • Instruct and teach children about God’s love for them through hearing God’s Word in daily devotions, and participation in interactive Bible lessons.
  • Provide opportunities to increase social development. The children will participate in social games and activities, and work toward increasing  their ability to get along with others.
  • Provide opportunities for large motor activity. The children will walk to neighborhood parks, play on the play ground equipment at the childcare center, swim once a week at the Winona Aquatic Center, and take periodically scheduled field trips.
  • Provide opportunities for small motor development and activity. The children will participate in arts and crafts activities, use manipulatives, play board games and similar activities.
  • Provide opportunities for reading and writing activities. The children will take weekly trips to the Winona Public Library, be given daily time to read and look at books, and use the writing center.
  • Provide opportunities for children to learn more about the world around them. The children will go on periodic  field trips, and thus exposed to new and different environments.