DSC_0154Needlepoint Kneelers

Central’s kneelers surrounding the communion rail are a singular artistic achievement unified around the Baptismal themes of water and represented by scenes from both the Mississippi and the Jordan rivers. As Christians we associate this mighty river of North America with the Jordan River of ancient days: the new and the old, East and West, our past and our present. In our life’s journey and in the annual journey through the Church’s year, these two significant rivers come together and merge into our soul.

Designed by artist Mary Ellen Kitundu and stitched by 21 volunteer women over the course of two years, the project comprises 30 single cushions and two double cushions. Each single cushion is about 504 square inches and required approximately 6,024 stitches or about 300 hours of work. Each double cushion is about 936 square inches and required 11,522 stitches or about 600 hours of work. The total time required to complete the project was about 9,000 hours.

The cushions were dedicated to the Glory of God and set in place on the Feast Day of Christ the King, November 24, 1996, in the 125th Anniversary Year of Central Lutheran Church.


Members of the Needlepoint Guild

Mary Lou Klagge & Christine Wilmot, Chairpersons & guild members

Mary Ellen Kitundu, Designer & guild member

Toni Ambrosen

Beth Ambrosen

Ann Deedrick

Pam Franko

June Halverson

Audrey Huggenvik

Jean Kinzie

Joyce Miesbauer

Carol Rustad

Shirley Steckel

Arlone Turner

Cindy Welke

Thanks and Appreciation are extended to the following people for their assistance in creating the needlepoint pulpit fall, the seasonal stoles, and this publication: Bruce Defries, Photographer  +  Needlework Unlimited  +  The Needlepoint Guild

To the many people who contributed gifts and memorials to these projects, we extend a grateful Thank You. Memorial gifts to Ralph & Helen Carlbloom and Jack Thode have been instrumental in funding this project.